Have You Got A Grip on Social Media?

by Shiulie Ghosh

Shiulie Ghosh - Twitter
There are now more than 2 billion active social media users worldwide, and that figure is growing.

For businesses, the expansion of social media can be a fabulous opportunity – or a terrifying challenge.

But companies who use social media efficiently report a boost in sales and a growth in exposure. If you do it right, social networks can be a hugely beneficial business tool.

Whether you’re promoting a big corporation or a small start-up, social media can help you build and maintain a relationship with your target audience.

Our top tips:

1. Pick your network
Think about which channels are the best for your business. If you’re trying to reach consumers, Twitter and Instagram may be the best choice. Facebook also allows you to post targeted material aimed at a select audience. If your company is B2B focused, LinkedIn is preferable.

2. Remember to engage
It’s not just about content, it’s about engagement. Yes, it’s fantastic (and advisable!) to have beautiful videos and amazing graphics to post – but remember to take notice of what your followers are saying. Answer queries and comments where you can. Use social media platforms as customer service platforms. Social media allows clients a way of contacting you right away. It’s all about communication. And with this in mind…

Shiulie Ghosh - Social Media

3. Connect with influencers
Identify those people who are popular with your target audience, and follow them. Engage with them regularly via forums or groups, and repost some of their content. In turn they may shout about your product. Or you can pay a key influencer to do this – there’s no harm in exploring a mix of paid and self-generated opportunities. And finally….

4. Hire an expert
Looks easy, right? Surely anyone can post stuff? Nope. The person, or team, you hire to implement your social media strategy needs to be an expert, able to track and measure results. This way they can build a tailored program of focused, intelligent content that builds your company’s profile.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram – they’ve all changed how companies reach out and interact with customers, offer products and engage with employees.

This trend is set to grow – so make sure you’re joining the social conversation.